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Competent in the role of sex worker

Competent in the role of sex worker

Saidul Islam Rana’s first film ‘Veeratva’. Miss World Bangladesh finalist Nishat Nawar Salwar makes her acting debut with this film. Film actor Dhakai Mamnoon Hasan Emon has linked up with him.

‘Veeratva’ hits 34 theaters on Friday, September 16. On this occasion, the production company Ping Pong Entertainment organized a press conference at the Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC) on Tuesday, September 13.

Small screen actor Intekhab Dinar debuts as a new villain in Bengali cinema for the first time. This movie stars Ahsan Habib Nasim and Monira Mithu. Apart from that, National Film Award winner actress Nipun Akhtar played a special role.

Intekhab Dinar said in this regard: My grandfather had a Purvi movie theater in Mymensingh town. When I was a kid, I saw posters of dream heroes and heroines coming to our house. It was very nice to see their photos.

“I shattered my own image while acting and worked in a different image for the first time in this film. I don’t know how successful I was, but I tried my best to discover myself as a villain in this movie. You will have a request, go see the movie.

Eamon said, when I’m in a movie, I understand how good that movie is going to be. I mean, ‘Veeratva’ will be the best movie of my acting career. I don’t want to say anything more about the film. I would like to relate some interesting incidents during filming.

Nipun will be seen as a sex worker in this film. It was shot in Daulatdia sex village in Rajbari. Just before filming began, she dressed up as a skilled sex worker. Then there were sex workers standing and talking. Jasmine was another actress. A few customers actually came forward after seeing Nipun. They think they are sex workers and want a professional.

Many other interesting incidents like this have happened to us. I will tell everyone to come and see the movie ‘Veeratva’. A good story is a good movie ‘Veeratva’.

Nishat Nawar Salwa said, this is my first film; Released in theaters. Everyone pray for me. I did my best to act. The most important thing is that I learned a lot.

Nipun Akhter said, “I’ve talked about ‘heroism’ before.” Nothing new to say. You will come to the room on September 16. This will be the first meeting of cinema and television. Many film and television artists have starred in this film. We will do things like that in the days to come. Everyone said everything I would say about coming into the room to see a child play. Hope you get something new.

Shaheen Sumon, Mushfiqur Rahman and movie related people were present at the press conference.


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