“Completely dependent on her, sacrificed a lot for me,” Dipankar says as he cradles his wife


“Completely dependent on her, sacrificed a lot for me,” Dipankar says as he cradles his wife

bangladeshi the pulpit: Dipankar Dey and Dolon Roy, the emblematic duo of the world of Bengali entertainment. This couple is the greatest example that love cannot be age bound. Dolan did not hesitate to go against society by falling in love with the former Dipankar. They lived together under the same roof when no one knew the expression “living in it”. Spend like this gave 25 spring.

Dipankar Dolan has been married for two years. Legally recognized their relationship in the eyes of society. But for everyone their relationship is 27 years long. But even after all these years, the veteran actor’s addiction to rock hasn’t diminished. He has no shame in admitting that he is completely dependent on his much younger wife.

Dipankar Dolan came to star in the special episode of Didi Number One on Sunday. That’s where the ‘Tito Da’ of the industry says, the way Dolan takes care of him from morning till night is not to be believed. At such a young age, how many dreams there were. But Dolan always remained in love with him. He also sacrificed a lot, Dipankar Dey said. The actress said aside, it’s been 27 years.

They both shared many funny things about their personal lives that day. Even at this age, Dipankar Dey regularly eats cutlets. In the evening, he went out for a walk. Sometimes reaching Bagbazar, sometimes Shyambazar. Then eat cutlets, cutlets, Golbari minced meat and go home.

Shocked writing! Do you still eat it regularly? The actor replied, “Believe. I want cutlets. You come home one day, I’ll feed you.” But he doesn’t exercise. He said he’s never exercised in all these years.

Rachna asked Dolan, “Aren’t you saying anything?” The actress said she was out for the shoot. Upon going out, Dipankar said he would not go out again that day. Eat curd. But only go out at night. Cleaned up again, went for a short walk.

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