Concert to mark 45 years of Maqsood music

Concert to mark 45 years of Maqsood music

Universal Medical College in the capital has taken the initiative to organize a grand event to mark the 45th anniversary of the musical career of popular musician Maqsood.

A concert titled ‘Maqsood-45 Years of Music’ will be held under the supervision of Ashish Kumar Chakraborty, General Manager of the hospital.

Details of the concert were announced at a press conference at Universal Medical College’s auditorium on Wednesday, January 25. There, Ashish Kumar Chakraborty said the concert will take place on the evening of March 18 at the main auditorium of the Krishibid Institute of Bangladesh in the capital. Maksudul Haque will hold the reception there. He will sing, tell the unknown story of his long journey.

The event will have the performance of five popular bands from the country as a special surprise. This list includes Feedback, Miles, Dalchut, Wharfage and Pentagon. They will perform with popular songs sung by Maqsood.

Current president of the organization Hamin Ahmed, Fuad Nasser Babu of Feedback, Ali Sumon, leader of Pentagon Band and many others came to congratulate Maksudul Haque, the first president of Bangladesh Musical Bands Association (BAMBA) during the conference Press.

Quoting the first president of the Bangladesh Band Association (Bamba), Maksudul Haque, as a pioneer of orchestral music, Hamin Ahmed, the current president of the organization, said: “In this journey of many days, there are many fun times, many stories that will be colored forever. Dear friend, I wish you 45 years of artistic life. Me and my band Miles will be attending and performing at the event on March 18th. It’s a pleasure for me.’

Organizer Ashish Kumar Chakraborty said at the press conference, “When the songs of the current generation group artists are not understood, then the moonspot of Maksud Bhai’s song ‘Khunji Toke Khunji’ excites our hearts. !” Incredible singers, outstanding performances and the ability to sing hundreds of difficult song lines effortlessly without seeing what makes Maqsood Bhai unique. So, I dream of organizing this show with its millions of listeners. I want to celebrate the ‘Maqsood-45 Years in Music’ concert on March 18 with everyone.’

Organizer Ashish Kumar Chakraborty said the concert will have 1,000 seats. He said, when and where tickets will be available will be informed later.


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