Confusion around Bangabandhu’s biopic release


Confusion around Bangabandhu’s biopic release

It would have been better if a Bangladeshi producer was involved in the making of the biopicNation father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s biopic “Mujib: The Making of a Nation” was supposed to be released in September, but that is no longer happening. Many questions have been raised regarding the portrayal of Bangabandhu’s character in the film. There is also discontent in the upper echelons of government. Whether it will be released after the final cut or a new decision – remains to be confirmed.

  • Failure to exhibit character
  • Thinking about re-shooting some parts
  • New company added in VFX edition

While the editing of the film was in progress, various high-ranking people in the government watched the work on different parts. However, they were not satisfied with the quality of the work. Asked about this, Information Secretary Maqbul Hossain told Samakal that the film to be made on the life and work of Bangabandhu was being made very seriously. We expected it to be finished in September. Whether the entire work will be completed within this time frame cannot be confirmed now. He said, I didn’t get to see part of the biopic. So I can’t comment on how it turned out.

The trailer for “Mujib: The Making of a Nation” was released on May 19 at the Indian Pavilion as part of the Marché du Films, the commercial arm of the Cannes Film Festival. Many people are disappointed to see Bangabandhu’s character in this 1.5 minute trailer. The question arises – which Bangabandhu was shown by Indian producer Shyam Benegal! The reviews started on the trailer’s visual effects, Bangabandhu’s makeup, and more. At the time, the film’s director Shyam Benegal and lead actor Arifin Shubo assured us not to be disappointed with the short-lived trailer but to expect something better. Now that the film’s on-time release is uncertain, earlier apprehensions are reawakening among the actors.

Work on the biopic began in early 2020. It was scheduled for release last March. It was postponed to September; This is not the case. Nuzhat Yasmin, the biopic’s executive producer and managing director of Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC), told Samakal that after the trailer was released, the reviews were heavily considered and editing work resumed. He said he was due out in September. However, after the trailer was released, errors and weak VFX (visual effects) work were found in several places. It is being refined. The release is therefore postponed from September.

Bangladesh and India have signed an agreement for its construction for Rs 70 crore, or Rs 83 crore in Bangladeshi currency. Bangladesh is supposed to pay 60% of the budget; India will pay the remaining 40%.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman has a long political struggle and an active life. Bangladesh and India jointly decided to make this biopic to highlight his life and work. In this, many unknown chapters of Sheikh Mujib’s family life also came to light.

Nuzhat, the executive producer of the film, said that Bangladesh and India have signed an agreement for its production for Rs 70 crore, which is Rs 83 crore in Bangladeshi currency. Bangladesh is supposed to pay 60% of the budget; India will pay the remaining 40%.

One and a half minute trailer: In the one-and-a-half-minute trailer for the biopic, which shows the part of the historic speech from March 7, Bangabandhu’s character’s glasses are seen. In fact the glasses were above the slides. On the other hand, in the scenes shown in the trailer, there are two types of flags of Bangladesh. During the liberation war, the map of the country was drawn in the middle (in the red circle) of the flag of Bangladesh. Later, only the red-green flag was finalized by excluding the map. Therefore, the current flag of Bangladesh has taken on an incongruous scene due to the events of the liberation war. Other than that, a lot of questions have been raised about the quality of the visual effects of the 14-second fighter.

It would have been preferable for a Bangladeshi filmmaker to be attached to direct the biopic. Nasiruddin Yusuf Bachchu

The biopic’s most notable weakness is the VFX work and inconsistencies being re-released in India. The film’s assistant producer and casting director, Bahauddin Khelon, confided this information to Samakal. He said after speaking to the prime minister, the release date was set for September. But when we released the trailer, a lot of mistakes were made. Now everything is monitored again. InshaAllah, there will be no weakness after that. The film will be acclaimed worldwide after its release.

Bahauddin also said the film was seen by a high level government team. When the final correction is made, it will be shown by a team of movie gurus and country sages. Their opinion will also be taken into account. After receiving a positive message from them, the biopic will be finalized and shown to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. ‘Mujib: The Making of a Nation’ will not be released until approved.

When asked, Hasanul Haque Inu, chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee of the Ministry of Information, said that making the biopic of Bangabandhu was a huge task. It doesn’t just have to be done with planning. Therefore, when I was Minister of Information, I held several meetings with the best directors and film experts in the country in this regard. During these meetings, there was an opinion against the realization of the biopic by a foreign director.

Famous producer and theater personality Nasir Uddin Yusuf Bachchu said he was supposed to produce the film first. Later, Shyam Benegal was finalized. According to him, it would have been preferable for a Bangladeshi filmmaker to be involved in the making of the biopic.

National award-winning director Ghiyasuddin Salim said that even if Indian directors are good, how will they understand – where exactly is our passion for Bangabandhu? Before making this film, Bangabandhu must be captured in the heart, which is not possible without the people of Bangladesh. But I would like the biopic of the father of the nation to appear correctly in front of us.

The president of the Bangladesh Film Directors Association, Sohanur Rahman Sohan, also agrees on this point. According to him, it would have been better to have a Bangladeshi directorial team in the film. You can’t guess what the movie will look like just by watching the trailer. He said, Shyam Benegal is a sage. Also worked with Gandhi, Nehru or Subhash Bose. Hopefully, when the final copy of the biopic arrives, it arrives appropriately.

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