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Continuity fee 40 on another producer’s film

Continuity fee 40 on another producer’s film

Dhaka: Actor Anant Jalil has starred in all the movies in his career so far, he produced them all himself. But this is the first time he will play in another producer’s film.

And in this movie it is said that this actor takes 40 lakhs as remuneration.

Anant Jalil’s new movie is called “Kill Him”. The screening of the film took place at the FDC in the capital on Saturday evening (September 3). And in this event, along with Anant Jalil, the heroine of the film Varsha would also receive a remuneration of 10 lakhs. Producer and director Iqbal has officially handed over a symbolic pay check to the Mahratta star couple.

On the occasion of ‘Kill Him’, a huge stage was set up in the open premises of FDC’s Manna Digital Color Lab. The whole arrangement was like a huge gathering! About a thousand spectators are seen gathering. Nipun Akhtar, Simon Sadiq and many others were present as guests under the direction of the president of the Association of Film Artists, Elias Kanchan.

Anant Jalil said at the event, “Since we are working on an outdoor production for the first time, the Mahratt must be a bit shocking,” I told producer Iqbal. Then he said, FDC has 18 organizations. If you invite them, there will be 5/6 hundred people. Besides, I’ll take three or four hundred bicycles to receive you. So I said, don’t do that anymore. However, I am satisfied with the arrangement. ”

Produced by Sunan Movies, “Kill Him” will be directed by producer MD. Iqbal himself. Besides Anant Varsha, it is reported that popular Bollywood villain Rahul Dev will star in the film. Apart from this, Bangladeshi movie actor Masum Parvez Rubel and Misha Saudagar will also star. Besides Bangladesh, the film should be shot in India and Indonesia.

Bangladesh time: 0322 hours, 04 Aug 2022

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