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Conviction and rescue demanded by Gitikavi Sangh

Conviction and rescue demanded by Gitikavi Sangh

Three National Film Awards trophies and two other awards were stolen from the home of famed lyricist Moniruzzaman Monir on the night of November 3. Even after 20 days of this incident, the police still could not recover. Gitikabi Sangh Bangladesh condemned the case. Along with this, this organization of poets also demanded the immediate recovery of the trophies.

In a press release, the organization said: ‘The incident has become a cause of great concern to us. We have learned that Moniruzzaman Monir requested police assistance as part of due process after the theft incident. But unfortunately, even after 20 days, the trophies have not been recovered and the identity of the thieves has not been identified. Which is disappointing for us.

Demanding the immediate recovery of the trophies, the organization further said: “We believe that this incident represents a major threat to the general public order of the country and a message of helplessness towards the artists. Therefore, I call on the government and the Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to give serious consideration to this national issue. We believe that if the recognition given by the government is theft or robbery, it is up to the government to return it. If this issue is not resolved immediately, we will call an organizational strike. Because it is a matter of great passion and pride for each of our members and those associated with the music.

It should be noted that Moniruzzaman is a life member of Monir Gitikbi Sangh Bangladesh. Nandit is a lyricist who has written many timeless songs. These include ‘Buke Chai Man, Remember Asha’, ‘Ki Jadu Karila Piriti Shikhaila’, ‘You Are Where I Am There’, ‘Aam Eakin Teho Na Kahile, Ke Diya Man Karila’, ‘Tomake Chai I Am Closer’ , ‘The story of life is few’, ‘O my friend Go Chir Sathi Pathachalar’, ‘I am always too poor’, ‘Give love point, I will give undue heart’, ‘It was within the limits of Vision’, ‘No Telephone Nayre Peon’. , all famous songs like ‘Suryoday Tu Suryaasteo Tu’.

Best lyricist for the songs ‘Tumi Chila Aami Eka Prithibhata Meghe Dhaka’ from the movie ‘Dui Jiban’ released in 1988, ‘Aei Haat Kare Nao Hathiyar’ from the movie ‘Chetna’ in 1989 and ‘Tumi Amar Keta Chena’ from the movie ‘Dolna’ in 1990. Moniruzzaman Monir received the National Film Award. All three trophies were stolen.

Gitikbi Sangh Bangladesh called on relevant authorities including the police administration to immediately collect the trophies, identify the culprits and take exemplary measures.

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