Cornish! Arijit took Rs 11 royalty to sing in Srijathar movie, the rest of the money went to the children’s school

Cornish! Arijit took Rs 11 royalty to sing in Srijathar movie, the rest of the money went to the children’s school

Bangladeshi office: The inhabitants of Bengal have felt in recent days that the political controversy that could concern Arijit Singh. The Kolkata Film Festival kicked off with a special song on stage. Then came the political pressure surrounding the cancellation of Arijit’s show at Echo Park in Kolkata. But no matter how intense the controversies, Arijit has always kept a low profile.

Jiaganj’s son from Murshidabad sits alone in the front row of the country’s musical world. Many people are fans of Arijit’s songs outside India. Arijit won people’s hearts not only with his melodious voice but also with his humanity. Not once, but repeatedly. Everyone will see him again in director Srijato Bandopadhyay’s next film, “Manavzamin”.

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Arijit’s song “Mon Re Krishikaaz Jaano Na” performed by director Sreejath’s debut film “Manavazmeen” is already trending. The artist spreads the magic of his melodious voice rising above all polemics. Recently, Sreejath leaked a piece of information regarding this song, which will blow your mind to Arijit.

Sreejat told a media outlet that Arijit only took 11 rupees for singing the song! At first he wanted to sing for free. Sreejat only took Naam Ka Waste to insist. Where did the rest of the salary go?

Sreejat said that Arijit told him that he could not ask him for any remuneration. But Srijat is also a non-entity. At the end of Arijit’s request, he will take 11 rupees. Meanwhile, Sreejat said Sony Entertainment bought the rights to the songs in the movie. Can it be written in their contract that Arijit Singh received 11 rupees for the song!

In the end, Arijit understood the situation and gave a solution. The artist asked to donate the rest of the fees to his school. Yes, Arijit runs a school for children. He asked to pay the remaining amount there. Puja clothes for children will be purchased with this money. Sreejat also said that it happened before the recent Kolkata Film Festival.

Incidentally, Arijit’s concert which was to be held at Echo Park next February has been cancelled. Trinamool spokesperson Kunal Ghosh advised that the event would be held at Aquatica instead.

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