Couldn’t enter stadium even after buying ticket, actress cried

Couldn’t enter stadium even after buying ticket, actress cried

The Bangladesh-India match was played at the Mirpur Stadium. Jeba Jannat, the new face of TV series and YouTube, waited three hours with a ticket in hand to watch this match, ran from start to finish, but was unable to enter the stadium. This young actress shed tears at the gate as she failed to enter the stadium.

Zeba said, “I think I saw a lot of people walk in without a ticket at the door. But despite my ticket, I was not allowed to enter anyway. I made a lot of requests, but they didn’t listen to me. Sent door to door. I was bullied. ‘

Finally, after three hours, a man allowed them to enter the stadium at the last moment because of Zeba’s crying. He said, “I love Bangladesh cricket. Cricket is my passion. When I couldn’t enter even after buying the ticket, I started crying automatically. I had a last minute chance to watch the game, but not everything was pleasant. ‘

Zeba said he was late to the stadium because he had college classes. He went and saw the closed door. He claimed that many people were admitted without a ticket by opening the door, but were not allowed to enter.

Jeba Jannat was first seen on Zainal Hazari’s live show. Where Zeba was supposed to present. Since the death of Zainal Hazari, we no longer see him there.

Later, Jeba became a regular on TV series. A clip from the drama “Cross Connection” starring Afran Nisho has gone viral. Apart from that, he acted in more than 15 dramas including “Partnership Unlimited”, “Rickshawaler Prem”.

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