Current affairs talk shows excluded from draft policy

Current affairs talk shows excluded from draft policy

“News or talk shows” have been excluded from the draft policy on the prevention of obscenity, revenue collection from OTT (over the top) online platforms, and the regulation and revenue collection of such platforms. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting’s amended draft policy was submitted to the High Court on Sunday. A bench of Judge JBM Hasan and Judge Raziq Al Jalil on Wednesday set the date for the next order in this regard.

Lawyer Tanveer Ahmed was in favor of the court summons. Deputy Attorney General Tushar Kanti Roy appeared for the Ministry of Information and Attorney Khandkar Reza-e Rakib appeared for the BTRC.

On January 21 last year, the High Court ordered to take necessary measures to prevent obscenity from OTT, Netflix, Amazon, BangBD platforms, collect revenue and establish final policies to control these platforms. Earlier, on January 18, the High Court issued another order to formulate a draft policy to prevent obscenity, revenue collection and control of OTT. Following this, on September 7 of that year, BTRC formed a committee to develop this policy.

In clause 2(4) of the revised draft policy, the definition of over the top (OTT) has been amended as follows. Where OTT means a type of multimedia service, which provides various entertainment programs, dramas, movies, documentaries, fiction, non-fiction, sports, docu-fiction, infotainment, advertisements, video on demand content services to viewers through the internet or similar technologies. In this clause, the part “live streaming or content recording services etc.” unmodified content (other than news and talk shows) of television channels licensed for broadcast or display in Bangladesh” is omitted.

Previously, Clause 15(6) of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting’s Draft OTT Content Based Services Provision and Management Policy, submitted in June last year, stated that “Only programs entertainment, advertisements, etc. can be delivered on the OTT platform”. except for the defined content. . However, news or talk shows cannot be broadcast under any circumstances. Apart from that, Clause 13(6) of the project stated: “Any type of news or talk show shall not be broadcast without the defined content”. Later, the draft policy was submitted to the High Court by the Ministry of Information and the BTRC.

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