Cursor on the smartphone! Customize the phone to your liking, discover the secret!


Cursor on the smartphone! Customize the phone to your liking, discover the secret!

#New Delhi: Nowadays, the smartphone has become an important element for all of us. Now, various types of work are done through smartphones. Different types of apps are needed to use the smartphone properly. This requires downloading the right application from Play-Store.

There are many applications that can make the smartphone more advanced and modern. Today we will talk about all these Android apps.

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Lynket Browser –

In the age of social media, many people now read different types of news on their phones. Many people store lots of things on the phone to know different kinds of news. But instead of visiting various websites to read news, this app can be downloaded. Different kinds of news can be experienced through it.

Pop-up widget 3 –

Android phones have very few widgets. If there are too many widgets, the phone home screen looks bad. This makes it a very important application. Because it turns different kinds of widgets into 1×1 icons on the home screen.

Note pin –

Notes created through this app can be pinned via reminders to other notification panels. The most important thing is that such notes can be made from separate calls.


It is possible to make your smartphone smarter with this app. It makes Android phones a center wave. Thanks to this, two Internet services or devices can be connected to each other. Thanks to this, it is possible to control smart home devices very easily.

Quick slider –

Sometimes it is necessary to use the phone with one hand. It’s not very easy to do. This app can be used for that. It places a slider on the skin, which can be easily controlled with a finger.

PowerfulText –

WhatsApp Web is very easy to use. But still many people do SMS, it is very important for them. Because thanks to this it is possible to send SMS from the computer.

Universal copy –

In the age of copy-and-paste, this type of work is impossible in many applications. Content cannot be copied and pasted from multiple websites. But with this application, it is possible to copy anything from anywhere. It is also possible to copy the text written at the top of the photo.

Sesame –

It is a universal search and shortcut creation application. Thanks to this, it is possible to easily search from the phone at any time. With this application it is possible to create any shortcut in one click.

Niagara launcher –

One of the best ways to customize an entire Android phone is to install a new launcher. It is possible to give a new sleek look to your phone through this app.

Super Status Bar –

Users update and customize their Android phones as per their convenience. But many people forget their status bar. Through this application, it is possible to adjust various things like the brightness and the volume of the phone. Battery life can also be monitored through this. This is the best application to change the appearance of the phone.

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