Dalim Kumar and Roopban return in “Hiraman”


Dalim Kumar and Roopban return in “Hiraman”

The remarkable program “Hiraman”, based on folk tales scattered across different parts of the country, was a very popular program on Bangladesh Television. The “Hiraman” from four decades ago returns to BTV in a new form with modern technology.

BTV said Hiraman’s comeback will start with “Rupban” and “Dalim Kumar”.

The new “Hiraman” campaign starts from Sunday. This popular show from the 80s and 90s will air three days a week from Friday to Tuesday at 9 p.m.

In a press release on Saturday, BTV said, “The first 26 episodes of the series will feature the story of ‘Roopban’ and ‘Dalim Kumar’. In the beginning, ‘Roopban’ will be broadcast.

Fazlul Karim, SM Salahuddin, Belal Hossain and Shubashish Dutt dramatized both stories.

Shahjalal Sardar Shimul produced ‘Roopban’ and ‘Dalimkumar’ in Jagadish Esh’s plan. And SM Salah Uddin is in the creative direction.

Although Hiraman has returned to the old story, modernity has entered the building. The production incorporates modern technology to make the story more interesting. Apart from VFX technology, there is auto-control motion tracking, motion capture, 3D face cloning, and computer graphics work.

Jagdish Esh said BTV’s once-popular production “Hiraman” has been recreated using modern virtual technology.

BTV also plans to produce other fairy tale series. BTV took this initiative keeping in mind the crisis of good television dramas.

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