Daughter’s acting journey holding her father’s hand


Daughter’s acting journey holding her father’s hand

‘This song is made of emotion. My daughter Purnatha served as a model. That’s why the song will be special to me. For the first time, father and daughter performed together in a song. The song shows the love of father and daughter. Popular musician Kazi Shubo talked about performing a song with his daughter for the first time.

The title of the song is ‘Kanya Re Amar’. In the music video for the song, her daughter Purnatha acted with Kazi Shubo as her role model. This is the first time father and daughter have starred together in a music video.

The song is known to be released on Kazi Shubhar’s YouTube channel on November 14. The song is written and composed by Arif Hossain Babu. Music composed by Ahmed Sajeeb. The music video was directed by Pavel Mahmud Joy. Other than that, Kazi Shubo regularly releases his songs as singles and duets. The songs are also very popular with the public. He also composes most of his songs.

In this context, he said, “Besides singing, it feels good to compose. The public also loves the songs. From the beginning, I try to give the kind of music that the public expects from me.

In this continuity, the song ‘Bhalobaso Je’ in Shubhar’s voice and melody was released recently. Mithila gave the floor to Shubo.

Referring to the song, Shubo also said, “If you like a song with beautiful lyrics and a beautiful melody. I also like to sing. I think the audience will also like the song.

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