“Death File” by Shafi Mondal

“Death File” by Shafi Mondal

Shafi Mondal is a famous musician in the country. He is famous for Baul songs. He is the guru of many people including Salma, Beauty, the popular artist of the present day. This Nandit artist has appeared with a new song called ‘Death File’.

In the song ‘Maraner File’, HM Nipu made beautiful lyrics highlighting the practical issues of death. The musician was Apu Raihan. The clip was produced by Reza Mahmud. Rupant, Motiur, Sabina Roni, Kashfia and many more starred in the music video.

About the song, Shafi Mandal said, “When the proposal came to sing the song Maran File, I was lost hearing the lyrics and the melody of the song. And I wondered how a song can be so realistic. Anyone who listens to this song with lyrics and melody by HM Nipoor can realize how close death is.Every human being should constantly realize that Azrael can open our death records at any time.

About the song, HM Nipu said, ‘Death File’ was composed in a sleepless midnight. The day when it seemed again and again how close death is to people. We always have thoughts in our minds when or if Azrael comes. We humans will have such an afterlife that there will be no need for moon-sun, light-air. On that day, you will only have a small house where there will only be the smell of the earth. The song Maran File is written from these practical thoughts. The respected Shafi Mondal graced the song with her soulful voice, which has already touched the hearts of the audience.

It is known that the song was recently released under the Channel HM banner.


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