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Death of Pelé | Pelé had appeared in half a dozen films during his lifetime dgtl

Death of Pelé | Pelé had appeared in half a dozen films during his lifetime dgtl

Besides playing football on the green grass, Pele’s life off the pitch was no less colorful. Diego Maradona may not have been surrounded by controversy all his life. But like five other Brazilians, his life was no less colorful. In addition to playing football, Pelé has acted in several films. Many films have been inspired by it. The subject of Pelé has appeared in several films.


The first thing that comes to mind is the Hindi film Golmaal (1979) starring Utpal Dutt. In a scene from the film, Uppal Dutt interviews job seekers. Suddenly, a job seeker named Srivastava, played by Harish Magan, appears in front of him. From the start, he confused Uppal by saying various things. There is the “Black Pearl”, that is to say the words of Pelé. When asked about the possibility of recruiting the next job seeker (Amal Palekar), he said he read in the newspaper that 30-35,000 people showed up at Dumdum airport at midnight to get a job in Kolkata. There is no difficulty in understanding even without explanation, we are talking about the match Mohun Bagan vs Cosmos. It was Pele’s first visit to Kolkata.

Pelé has acted in about half a dozen films. One of them is “Escape to Victory” (1981). During World War II, some prisoners escape from the Nazis to complete a football game. Pelé plays football there. Pele starred as a coach in the 1986 movie “Hotshot.” He was busy trying to make a rich American teenager a footballer. There, the teenager tried to join the football team by disguising himself as a poor man.

Pelé with Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone in a movie.

Pelé with Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone in a movie. file picture

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When, where will Pelé's funeral take place, who will he be with?

When, where will Pelé’s funeral take place, who will he be with?

From paper-stuffed soccer balls in socks to three World Cup wins, there's no one else but Pelé

From paper-stuffed soccer balls in socks to three World Cup wins, there’s no one else but Pele

There is also a Portuguese film ‘Os Trapalhos eo Rei do Futable’ in the same year. Pelé was a football writer who helped his friend and coach turn around an underdog team. Pele’s character was quite funny. Pelé himself wrote the story and composed the music for the Portuguese film “Os Trombadinhos” six years earlier. The plot of the story was that a successful businessman in Brazil is very upset because of pickpockets. He calls the junior coach of Santos (played by Pelé) and asks him to form a football team with the little pickpockets.


Pelé’s breakout role was in the movie “Pedro Mico” (1985), where he played a gangster from Rio de Janeiro. The character runs away stealing money and jewelry from people on the streets. Pelé’s performance was widely praised. In the same year, Pelé had a small role in the film “A Minor Miracle”.

Pelé’s closeness to the Brazilian dictatorship has already sparked widespread controversy. But ‘Marcha’, produced in 1972, changed that perception. There, Pelé was seen as the leader of an anti-slavery movement. Three years prior, Pelé had a role in a series where the character is seen interacting with aliens.

In 2016, “Pelle: Birth of a Legend” was released. Pele was seen at the Brazil team hotel before taking the pitch in the final. Pelé is an old man in a suit. Robert Redford was surprised by Pelé’s popularity on the streets of New York. This director-actor was surprised to see that the group of hunters had caught Pelé. But no one comes to him. Pelé also starred in the 2001 film ‘Mike Bassett: England Manager’. He was seen poking fun at England’s supremacy in football.

Utpal Dutt didn’t pay attention to Pelé in the movie ‘Golmaal’. He was heard to say that interest in football was limited to East Bengal and Mohun Bagan. But it was in this film that Ravi Ghosh’s eyes lit up when he heard the name Brazil as Ranjan Rakshit. Uppal Dutta is in front. He exclaimed, ‘Grab him!’ The dialogue in Satyajit Ray’s screenplay shows that Brazil and Pelé are synonymous in Bengali eyes.

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