Debashree Roy Arati Roy, mother of Tollywood actress Debashree Roy, dies


Debashree Roy Arati Roy, mother of Tollywood actress Debashree Roy, dies

Actress Debashree Roy’s mother, Aarti Roy, has died. He breathed his last around 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday. He was 92 at the time of his death. According to family sources, he had long been suffering from a disease of old age. He had been staying with the actress’ aunt for a few months. The treatment was going on there. At the time of death, there were 3 girls with him.


Contacted by Anandabazar Online, the emotional actress said, “I didn’t understand when my mother left. I became an actress thanks to my mother. Without my mother, I had no intention of becoming an actress. The mother didn’t have any particular illnesses except for old age issues. Three girls were by her side, so mom left very peacefully.”

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Devashree once came into the industry to fulfill his mother’s wishes. From teaching her daughter dance to inspiring her to perform, Aarti Devi’s contribution is undeniable. Early in her career, National Award-winning actress Debashree used to go to Studiopara holding hands with Aarti Devi. Notable Bollywood actress Rani Mukhopadhyay, daughter of Aarti Devi, daughter of Devashree’s sister, Krishna Mukhopadhyay. However, according to family sources, he cannot come at the moment due to physical illness.

Aarti Devi was seriously injured last August. Debashree told Anandabazar Online, “Mother lives near Bardi.” He fell at home and cracked his forehead. There was a lot of bleeding. The mother touches 92. After the accident, he became very lazy.” So this year, on his birthday, the screen ‘Sarvajaya’ baked pies for his mother with his own hands.


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