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Deepjol-Misha couples this time in a comedy thriller web series

Deepjol-Misha couples this time in a comedy thriller web series

Two actors Dipjal and Misha Saudagar are in Dhaka showbiz. For nearly three decades, these two actors have roamed Dhallywood with might. The dialogues of their films are spoken by people. These two actors will be seen together in Ducksight. Not in movies, but in web series.

Rubayet Mahmud made a 7-episode web series about them. They will appear as villains in this web series called “Kabaddi”. The series will be broadcast on the OTT Bioscope platform on Tuesday, January 10.

Although Misha Saudagar has appeared in web content before, this experience is Dipzol’s first. “Kabaddi” is based on the story of a journey of four friends, with 10 crore rupees behind. The story revolves around how their lives are turned upside down by falling into this monetary cycle. Syed Zaman Shaon, Tamim Mridha, Khairul Basar and Safin Ahmed starred as four friends. Sadia Ayman, Milan Bhattacharya, Sharaf Ahmed Jiban, Dana Bhai, Morshed Mishu and others also acted.

In “Kabaddi”, Deepjol played the role of Matha Kata Ratan. And Misha’s character name is Badi. Speaking about the experience working with them, producer Rubayet said, “The experience working with Dipzal and Misha Bhai is very good. Both are very funny people. They did a great job.”

He said, “He made a comedy thriller with Deepjol-Misha!”

Produced by Quiet On Set and overseen by Setu Mahmood, Executive Producer of Big Fish Entertainment, the story of “Kabaddi” series is written by Tamjid Rahman. A few days ago, the series title track “Life’s Nai Kono Jeevan” was released. The song is written by Rajib Ashraf, composed by Zahid Nirav, voiced by Panth Kanai.

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