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Despite being engaged, Faria backed out of the wedding decision

Despite being engaged, Faria backed out of the wedding decision

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Nusrat Faria got engaged on March 1, 2020. In June of that year, the popular actress revealed the news of her engagement via an Instagram post with a picture with a ring. He informed that the engagement was completed in March with the consent of the family.

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He also said he has been in a relationship for seven years with whom he will build a house. Later when asked about marriage, Nusrat Faria tactfully avoided and said she would get married in time. He has several tasks. You are busy with work. Don’t have time to get married.

Rumor has it that Nusrat Faria’s marriage broke up after almost three years of engagement. This rumor has come true. Nusrat Faria herself has declared that she will not marry the one with whom she played Badgan. Her marriage broke up.

In a media interview on Thursday, Nusrat Faria said there will be ups and downs in life. We have no problem within ourselves, no ambivalence, ever. But the marriage is no longer happening. What I do, I do consciously. This is why there is no controversy in my work.

Nusrat Faria got engaged to a man named Rony Riad Rashid. Faria said, I’m still in contact with Roni. It will be like a friend for life. The decision made now is a mutual decision. It’s not fair to do anything under pressure.

Regarding marriage, Nusrat Faria also said, “If I submit to Hujug, I will suffer for a long time.” For this reason, I do what I have to do with a cool head. I try to go like this. I think if we have a friendship relationship, the relationship will last longer.


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