Dev remembered Habib when he went to Greece


Dev remembered Habib when he went to Greece

Entertainment desk: Actor Dev from Kolkata traveled to the Maldives for a vacation with his girlfriend last March. Seven months later, this hero flew to Greece with his girlfriend. Having a great time in Greece. Bangladeshi singer Habib Wahid suddenly remembered that happy time.

Habib’s song “Tomake Chite Ai Ni Ni Thakbo” was filmed eight years ago at a location in Greece. This song was used in the movie Bindas in Kolkata. Opar Bengal’s Tulsi Kumar performed with Habib. The song became very popular in both Bengals. Basically, this song served as a stepping stone for Dev to reach the top hero seat. Srabanti shared the screen with Dev in the song.

I got nostalgic on a recent trip to Greece with my girlfriend. Dev also couldn’t forget the Santorini scene from the song. As a result, the Kolkata folk hero added the song’s music by posting a video of him standing on a boat floating in the sea. At first he said that this song was shot here eight years ago.

Fans give answers one after another. And who made this video? Surely Rukmini. Although nothing can be said under oath.

Santorini couldn’t forget Dev, couldn’t forget Habib, couldn’t forget those shooting days eight years ago. So he took his lover to the shore of dear memories. Besides Santorini, the star couple is also on vacation in Mykonos.

News of Dev-Rukmini’s trip to Greece together began with several photos and videos posted on Instagram. Although they didn’t take photos together, they made it clear by taking separate photos at the same location that they were vacationing at the same time.

The husband is abroad, the wife disappeared by the hand of the farmer

Dev-Rukmini also visited the Maldives last year. Even then, instead of giving photos taken together, they shared photos taken in the same place at the same time to show that they are together. Then the same year, they went to Iceland. Rumors of their marriage have arisen several times. Although they claim to be “good friends”.

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