Dev’s Amazing Belly Dance With Srijala Super Viral Video


Dev’s Amazing Belly Dance With Srijala Super Viral Video

Entertainment desk: This time, at Srijala’s request, Dev’s belly dance took place on the stage of ‘Dance Dance Junior Season Three’. Sometimes Tolly and Bollywood stars appear on this stage. However, recently, some TV stars have appeared on this stage one after another. And Pihu aka actress Srijala Guha from ‘My Phagun’ was there. After the end of the series, the actress found herself on the dance stage.

Srijla will be and belly dancing will be no more or not? That day, the stage of ‘Dance Dance Junior Season 3’ was filled with Srijla’s sizzling performance. Bellydance by Dev was an additional feature. On that day, at the request of Srijala, I will go on stage and perform the belly dance. Whether it’s belly dancing or swinging is unclear though. But it can be said without a doubt that Srijla’s demands are met by the actor.

Recently, the video was posted on the official Star Jalsa page. ‘Dance Dance Junior Season 3’ will start on the screens of Star Jalsa from August 6 this year. Dev and Rukmini are seen in the judge role in this scene. The hot girl Manami is with him. Also in the role of 3 captains are “Gungoon” aka Trina “Khukumani” aka Dwipanbita and “Gangaram” aka Abhishek.

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But this is not the end. He is accompanied by Bhasan Bapi i.e. Rohan Bhattacharya Comedy actor. Two children Udita and Laddu are responsible for hosting this show. Under the direction of Shubhankar Chattopadhyay, the audience once again witnessed all the wonderful dance performances.

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