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Dhaliwood discussed-criticized 1 week!


Dhaliwood discussed-criticized 1 week!

A week of Dhaliwood went through various rumors, discussions and reviews. Pooja-Shakib is the subject of much discussion and criticism on social media. Finally, Shakib Khan responded to these discussions. Pooja Cheri’s voice was also heard warning of fake news.

Meanwhile, Apu Biswas has returned from Kolkata. On his return, he described the work. The filming of the movie Lal Saree starts on November 1st. He is very worried about this shooting. He said his movie Lal Saree is shooting from November 1 to 20. I want to finish the whole film working continuously. Thanks to this, the engagement began. During this time, he said he was very tense about the work of the first production company.

Shakib Khan and Bubli resumed filming. They are shooting a romantic song for the film Leader-Amee directed by Tapu Khan in Bangladesh. The shooting was very strict.

After Shehzad Khan introduced Veer as their son, there was quite a storm with Shakib Khan and Bubli. Dhaliwoodpara was busy with this for several days.

After that, Shakib discussion started with Pooja Cheri. Pooja’s dry answer – I’m used to hearing these things. I won’t say anything in advance. Even in it, the slanderers will seek the smell again.

But Shakib Khan gave a stern warning. Shakib Khan wrote on his verified Facebook, some YouTube channels and Facebook pages are creating some kind of confusion by promoting fake content in the hope of getting views. One problem after another is created. Now Pooja Cheri’s name has been brought back. He works with me from his workplace, is that his crime? I have no relationship with him outside of work.

Shakib Khan also said that based on these fake issues, several news portals spread fake news in my name without confirming the truth for a few days; Which is by no means desirable. Shakib Khan has warned to take legal action against those who spread false information. He wrote – those who spread this fake filth are listed. Strictly speaking, my lawyer acts in this regard in accordance with the laws in force in the country.

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