Did Salman Khan marry Sonakshi Sinha in the new year? Know the real truth of the news

Did Salman Khan marry Sonakshi Sinha in the new year? Know the real truth of the news

Even though Bollywood love guru Salman Khan has reached the age of 60, he has yet to express his intention to get married. Even though his name was associated with several loves in his youth, he never reached the marriage hall. Even at this age, when he has not married, there is no chance of remarrying. And that’s exactly why Bhaijaan earned Bollywood’s Most Eligible Bachelor title. But recently, some photos and videos of married Salman went viral on social media by surprise. As Salman tied the knot at the start of the new year, the buzz started on the net.

Even if you’re surprised to hear it, it’s true! Salman Khan’s wedding photos have left the world of social media. Who does he marry? Actress Sonakshi Sinha is seen next to Dabangg’s ‘Married’ in the viral photo. The actress shines vermilion in Sinthi. Handmade red bracelets, red saree and amazing smile on face. This photo of Sonakshi and Salman is going viral on social media. These images spread across the internet in no time.

But is the image broadcast on social networks true? Everyone on the net is boiling over this question. Bhaijaan fans can’t believe their favorite star got married without any announcement. But a closer look at the footage reveals that all of them are digital editing manipulations. Someone skillfully created Salman Sonakshi’s wedding photos by putting together images from different places and changing the background. The news of Salman Sonakshi’s marriage which is going viral in the internet world is completely fake.

It should be noted that Salman Sonakshi starred in the Bollywood film Dabangg. Actress Sonakshi Sinha started her Bollywood journey from this movie. But her journey to the city of Bali was not so easy. He had to be rejected from Bollywood several times due to being overweight. However, it is known that after starring in the first movie, Sonakshi Sinha decided to lose weight with Salman’s encouragement.

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