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Director – Dainik Amader Shomoy talks about kissing the heroine’s feet

Director – Dainik Amader Shomoy talks about kissing the heroine’s feet

The director’s ‘kiss’ on the heroine’s feet shocked internet users

Ram Gopal Varma is a popular name in Bollywood and Southern film industry. Once made movies like ‘Rangila’, ‘Satya’, ‘Sarkar’, ‘Kompani’. But lost the previous position due to several flop films.

However, it still made headlines for a variety of reasons. The same thing happened this time. And that too by kissing the heroine’s feet. Recently, the director sat down at the feet of “Bigg Boss” contestant and actress Ashu Reddy and kissed her feet. And Netpara was shocked to see this scene.

Just two days ago, Ram Gopal Burma posted a teaser photo on social media. In the film, the director is seen taking the actress’ leg in his lap and kissing her. In the film’s caption, the director wrote “The Dangerous Me with Double Dangerous Ashu Reddy”.

However, the next day, he presented the whole video through the YouTube channel, which is an interview. We can see that actress Ashu Reddy was interviewing director Ramgopal Varma for the movie “Dangerous”. And the director gave the whole interview sitting at the feet of the heroine.

Meanwhile, as soon as the video was released, Netpara brought obscenity charges against it. Some even wrote, “Sometimes I feel really bad for Ramgopal Varma. Once the best director, who actors looked forward to working with, and now…”

Incidentally, the movie ‘Dangerous’ directed by Ramgopal Varma will be released on December 9th. Starring Apsara Rani, Naina Gangopadhyay in lead roles; They will be seen as gay characters in the film.

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