“Director Sajid wanted to know my chest size”


“Director Sajid wanted to know my chest size”

Entertainment Office: Director Sajid Khan has faced the wrath of the country’s female entertainment leaders for appearing on the 16th season of popular Indian reality show ‘Bigg Boss’.

Because Sajid’s name was mentioned quite loudly during the “Me Too” movement which caused a stir across India. Many stars have accused him of sexual harassment.

Eight women, ranging from actresses to journalists, have accused Sajid of sexual harassment. Everyone shares their experiences. With this in mind, the director was practically exiled from Bollywood. But after the restrictions were removed, he appeared on the Big Boss reality show. This time, Bhojpuri actress Rani Chattopadhyay complained against Sajid.

Charlene Chopra, Mandana Karimi, Ahana Kumra again came against Sajid after coming to Big Boss. Again, they highlighted their previous media experience. A few days ago, Kanishka revealed her heartbreaking casting couch experience with Soni Sajid, but now Rani Chatterjee is the new name on this list. Rani is a big name in the world of Bhojpuri movies. He starred in several successful films, his popularity is also high.

The actress claims that Sajid Khan met me while she was acting in the movie ‘Himmatwala’. He called me himself and told me he wanted to meet me. Then he called me to his house for the meeting and specifically told me it was a formal meeting so I didn’t have to bring the manager or any PR. Sajid was the big Bollywood director then, so I took his word for it. When I went to his house in Juhu, he was alone. He tells me that he wants to start me in the song Dhoka Dhoka and that I have to wear a short lehenga in this song. I was wearing a long skirt that day, he told me he wanted to see my legs, I pulled my skirt up to my knees and showed him my legs. Then I felt it was his working process.

Rani added, “I was very scared after that when he asked me what my chest size was. It’s not the end, wondering if I have a boyfriend or not? How often do I have sex? My discomfort grows. He thought I would favor him! But I quickly left. Sajid also tried to touch me indecently.

The actress said that at first she was afraid to speak out against Sajid. But when many people turned against Sajid in the Me Too movement, he also gained courage. Currently, while everyone is talking about Bigg Boss, Rani Chatterjee is thinking of opening her mouth again. Source: Hindustan Times

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