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Director wants Raj-Mim, Mim’s ‘No’


Director wants Raj-Mim, Mim’s ‘No’

After the success of the film ‘Paran’, the directors want to work with the duo Raj-Mim. But before the couple developed, the tone of the breakup appeared!

Creator Abu Raihan Jewel cast Vidya Sinha Mim in his new film Pathe Holo Dekha. On the contrary, he thinks of Shariful Raj. But Mim told the producer that he wouldn’t do the film even after the contract was signed.

The case was confirmed to RisingBD by the manufacturer itself. Abu Raihan Jewel told RisingBD, “I signed MIM for Pathe Holo Dokha about a year ago. Raj is also looking at the script. When I called Mim two days ago, he said he wouldn’t. wasn’t making the movie. He didn’t say why he wouldn’t.

A few days ago a news was published under the title ‘Raj-Mim Juti: Song of Devastation before the formation’, referring to the doubts about this pair. The sad but true fear is about to come true.

Parimoni Vidya Sinha, who is associated with Shariful Raj, is believed to have filed a complaint against the MIM. After that, the tension in Parimani’s relationship with MIM started mainly over Shariful Raj.

In the current situation, will the king do the job or not? When asked, Jewel said, “Don’t work in movies or associate yourself for those things – it’s not right.” But I don’t get a very positive response from Raj.

Earlier, this producer did ‘Adventure of Sundarbans’ with Parimoni. Siam starred alongside Pari in the film awaiting release.

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