‘Discovery Akram’ selling fresh insects

‘Discovery Akram’ selling fresh insects

Think of the sight of various cool snakes, rats, frogs and insects chewing before your eyes. Such a thought is unimaginable. But Ekram Pramanik from Pabna continues to eat fresh snakes, frogs, scorpions and various insects like this. He learned to eat these things by watching the Discovery Channel. For this reason it is known as “Discovery Akram”.

Ekram Pramanik (50), son of late Jabbar Pramanik from Ghoradah village of Kharira Union of Pabna Sadar Upazila. Father of four daughters is a carpenter by profession. Married two daughters. Two other girls are studying. He quit his job and is now addicted to eating insects.

On the surface, traveling to Akram aka Akram’s house, it is seen that impatient people have gathered to see Akram eating bugs. After a while he came out of the house and showed himself eating fresh snakes, earthworms, frogs, boas and fresh takki fish, crustaceans, rats, crabs which he had caught earlier. Eat a bit of all the bugs and show everyone around. At that time, everyone was shocked.

During the conversation, Discovery Akram said, “I started my life as a carpenter, but in the middle I got involved in interior work. I got married 30 years ago.’

He said: “In 2002 I bought a black and white television and started watching the Discovery Channel. I regularly see strangers eating insects there. Then, in 2003, I started eating fresh crab. After that, I mastered the eating of various insects, including earthworms, wood bugs, snakes, cockroaches, cockroaches, various species of raw fish, dung beetles, snails, oysters. Now I can eat anything fresh and raw.

He also said, “No disease or side effect occurred in the body after eating insects. I can eat these insects in addition to normal food. There is no problem.’

Discovery Akram said, “I once quit my job as a carpenter in the area and went to Dhaka. I have done interior work in various government buildings including Chief Electoral Commission Office, Anti-Corruption Commission, Chief Justice Building, NSI Office. Right now I am addicted to eating these bugs after quitting all activities. Relatives and surrounding people help to run the poor household. I’m completely used to eating bugs now.

Discovery Akram claims he is a poor man. His family runs very hard. Married two daughters. There are two other girls. They study at primary and secondary level. I can’t afford a smart phone or Android. If he gets government and private sector sponsorship and follows the right guidelines, he can make a splash at home and abroad. I want to show foreigners that Bengalis can do it.

Discovery Akram’s wife Murshida Khatun said, “We have 30 years of family life. He was caught in this addiction 20/22 years ago. He practiced it while watching the bug-eating channel between jobs. It has now become his meditative knowledge. Neither my husband nor I have a problem with eating bugs.

Private employee Abdul Bari and businessman Alamgir Hossain of Joypurhat said, “I came to see people after hearing about it. When I came to see the thing as unbelievable, I found it to be true. It’s an example that people can do whatever they want.

Neighbor Shahid Mandal said: “A strange person. Akram has demonstrated great expertise in feeding all types of insects from dung beetles, wood insects, earthworms.

Local farmers said, “The story is told. In fact, you have to see it to believe it. Akram truly made the impossible possible.

Discovery Akram’s cousin Shaheen Mridha said, “I first heard about it through word of mouth. Now look directly. I catch a lot of bugs myself. Savor a kind of joy there. I was also surprised to be able to do this job. I can’t imagine how that was possible.

Shimla Private Hospital and Diagnostic Center in Pabna Medical Specialist Retired Captain Dr. Sarwar Jahan Faiz said, “Previously, people used to eat various animals raw. Cooked and eaten for the change of times and tastes. Not much harm to human body without significant risk.

He said: “They are a bit exceptional. But before you do that, you need to register that feeling in your mind. It’s not uncommon for him to do it for what he can get. People do a lot of things these days to express themselves. If he does so for this purpose, he must be told how much of an animal’s body can be eaten and how much cannot be eaten.

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