Ditipriya-Suhotra: Ditipriya-Suhotra in love? ‘Ranima’ wrote on social media, ‘It’s official…’

Ditipriya-Suhotra: Ditipriya-Suhotra in love? ‘Ranima’ wrote on social media, ‘It’s official…’

Ditipriya Roy started a new journey by smashing Ranimar’s image. With OTT, work on the big screen is in full swing. Ditipriya gives away one goal after another. On Saturday, the heroine suddenly surprised everyone with a post. He rides on the shoulder of Eken Babu’s companion, ‘Bapi Babu’ i.e. actor Suhotra Mukhopadhyay. He also announced ‘Now it’s official…’. So, who are the two stars in love?

Ditipriya’s post caught the attention of netizens. Many people think he has a relationship with Suhotra? Although asked about her personal life by reporters on several occasions, the actress said that she had no time for love now, she was busy with work. Is that how he announced the good news? Giving good, but not personal career news. Of course, that clue was found in his message. Because the hashtag in the caption says “Stay Tuned”. This kind of words are written in the teaser or promotion of a work.

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Previously, Ditipriya-Suhotra worked together in the “Mukti” series. They will be seen as a pair in Hochihai’s new web series “Dakghar”. It is believed that the post was created by the heroine as a promotion for the series. Many people think that Ditipriya will be seen in the next Eken Babu movie. However, he has yet to open his mouth about it.

The “Dakghor” series will be directed by Abhishek Saha, director of “Udanchandi”. Apart from the two actors, artists like Kanchan Mallick, Paramita Mukherjee, Atanu Burman, Tapathi Munshi are also part of the cast. Saurabh Das was supposed to team up with Ditipraya in the series. But finally Suhotra works in his place.

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How the story of ‘post’? We know that it is the story of a village. Where a new boy arrives, eager to return to his roots. The boy’s father was the postmaster of this village. His parents are no more, so he begins a journey to find himself. Some old letters and parcels remained in this post office. The boy began to finish his father’s unfinished work. There was a conversation with a girl. They fall in love with each other. At the same time, new contacts with the villagers continued.

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Incidentally, Suhotra Mukherjee is a known face in Toli Para right now. Apart from web series, he also works on the big screen. He was seen several times in the role of assistant detective in the incident. Besides ‘Gora’ series, he worked in movies like ‘The Eken’, ‘Byomkesh Hattamanch’. Ie Eken, Byomkesh and Gora, he has the experience of working as an assistant to three detectives.

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