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Dodul returned to the game after 15 years

Dodul returned to the game after 15 years

Sajjad Hossain Dodul

Serial drama “Musa” directed by Sajjad Hossain Dodul about Dhaka’s underworld history airs on Boishakhi TV from August 2. The 22nd episode of the series will air on Tuesday (September 20).

Producer Dodul will be seen as an actor in the new episode. Thanks to this, he appears behind the camera after about 15 years.

This famous producer, writer and actor returned to acting after a long break of 15 years. Dodul was not found as an actor for a long time, but he was a regular in production.

Regarding returning to play, Dodul said, “I came back to play for my own sake. But a lot of people want to see me play. There is a kind of pressure from them to perform. Although I’m interested in acting, I can’t give it time. I got into media because of my love for acting, but for various reasons couldn’t stay. Then I took care of the construction. ‘

Dodul played the role of Raghu in the “Musa” series. About the character, he said, Raghu is a terrible character. Whose left eye is blind, a professional killer. There are great stories of living snakes. The capital follows the words of Raghu. Dodul returned to the game with such a difficult character.

Dodul began his acting career in the 90s. After acting for a decade, he dedicated himself to writing and producing plays. He became known after the play ‘Ami Nah’ was broadcast. After that, the journey began on the big screen with the film “Ajak Prattan” directed by farmer Nazrul Islam. Before that, Dodul worked as an assistant to Farmer Nazrul for a long time. After that, he acted regularly in several other films.

He said that Dodul retired from the film world when obscenity started in movies. Start the second chapter. He also made a name for himself as a playwright. Since then, he has been building regularly. It has occasionally been found in acting. There was a 15 year gap in the action.

Actor Abu Huraira Tanveer played the lead role in the long-running star series “Musa”. Shilpi Sarkar Apu, Shampa Reza, Shamima Nazneen, Subrata, Milan Bhattacharya, Imtu Ratish, Sabbir Ahmed, Nairuj Sifat, Jeba Jannat etc. played in various roles. The drama airs on Boishakhi TV every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 9:20 p.m.

Bangladesh time: 6:25 p.m., September 19, 2022

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