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Does OTT play a role in sending viewers to the cinema?

Does OTT play a role in sending viewers to the cinema?

OTT shrinks the movie theater market, it was said earlier; Seeing now that the audience in Bangladesh is going to the theatres, the folks at OTT are also claiming its success.

They say that during the pandemic, as people got used to this new world of entertainment, they were introduced to new artists, and the habit of watching with money also grew, which are all two behind the scenes of people’s return to the movies. Hall.

However, everyone involved in the film is reluctant to accept this argument. It is said that a good film can transform the audience. And it will take longer to understand the impact of OTT.

When people are confined to their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic, Over the Top (OTT) has become popular as an entertainment medium not only in Bangladesh but across the globe. In this tide, OTT platforms are also being developed with Bangladeshi content like Netflix, Amazon Prime.

Movie theaters were opened to improve the pandemic situation, but audiences fell short, OTT regulars appreciated.

However, the events of the last three-four months have changed the calculation. Shaan and Galui in Eid of fasting, Paran in Eid of Qorbani, and after that Hawa forgot the original question. Even after more than a month and a half of release, Raihan Rafi’s Paraan has captured audiences’ interest. Wind that starts at a gusty speed also spins at the same speed.

Producer Redwan Rony, COO of the country’s OTT platform Charki, believes that OTT plays an important role in bringing viewers back to this room.

He told “The room was closed for a long time due to the epidemic. Producers and artists who have seen content on OTT, these artist-producers are rushing to watch their movies.

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