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Dolly Zahoor’s lifetime award is ridiculous: Anjana

Dolly Zahoor’s lifetime award is ridiculous: Anjana

The film’s highest honor is the National Film Award. This award is given annually for his contribution to the motion picture industry. A total of 34 prizes will be awarded in 27 categories this year. Recently, the Cabinet Committee on National Film Awards approved the final list. It is known that actress Dolly Jahoor and actor Ilyas Kanchan jointly receive lifetime honors for their significant contribution to films.

Meanwhile, dancer and actress Anjana Rahman has expressed her anger at news that Dolly Zahoor has received a lifetime award. In a status posted on social media, he raised questions about the National Film Award.

Anjana wrote that this year’s National Film Awards – 2021 were really sad in some categories. Nothing to say. I don’t understand why Dolly Jahoor should give you a lifetime award.

Making her own case, he writes, she (Dolly Zahoor) is undoubtedly a good actress. But more famous than that are the actresses of Daput – actress Shabnam Apa, actor Ujjal Bhai, Nutan, Sucharita, actor and dance director Javed Bhai. Who have worked tirelessly in the film industry since before independence. Why Dolly gave it to you instead is really funny.

The actress added that Dolly Apa is basically a television actress. He came to cinema in the mid 80s. But long before that, Shabnam Apa, Ujjal Bhai, Javed Bhai, Sucharita and Nutan were well established in the film industry. I don’t know if those who were part of the jury have forgotten the exact history of Bengali films.

Anjana Rahman

Anjana congratulated Elias Kanchan for being nominated in the same category despite questions being raised about Dolly Zahoor’s award.

Posting a photo with him, he wrote, “Congratulations and heartfelt wishes on being nominated for the 2021 National Film Awards Lifetime Achievement Award.” My co-star in many blockbuster films, the legendary Janandit Chitranayak, National Film Medalist and Ekushey Medalist, and Honorable President of Bangladesh Film Artists Association, Ilyas Kanchan.

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