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‘Dome’ revealed to unravel the mystery


‘Dome’ revealed to unravel the mystery

Filmmaker Rashed Raha recently produced a seven-episode web series “Dome” based on the story of the psychopathic thriller. Which body awaits autopsy in the morgue? Is murder or rape the crime that surrounds the mystery? The mystery of these various questions has been revealed on the OTT platform Banga BD.

Producer Rashed Raha said that this web series is based on the story of a real event. I faced various experiences during the construction. I did my best to do well. I hope the public will enjoy it.

Pran Roy, Actress Tanha Tasnia, Kazi Nowshaba Ahmed, Abu Huraira Tanveer, Dolan Dey, Abu Hena Roni, Aminur Rahman Liton, Anwar Shahi, Joy Raj, Bappi Ashraf, etc. played important roles in this web series.

Actor Aminur Rahman Liton played a significant role for the first time in this web series, although he has worked in several dramas before. He said the story of the web series is great, interesting. My character is also excellent. Audiences will feel the tension throughout the series. It was also an opportunity to prove himself. I hope everyone will like the series.

‘Dom’ actress Tanha Tasnia said in this context that it was a thriller story. The scenes for ‘Dome’ were shot in multiple locations including Uttara, Old Dhaka. I liked doing the job. Tanveer acted in front of me. I hope viewers will like our work.

Abu Huraira said about Tanveer’s work, I played the role of a son from an influential family. Whose girlfriend was killed. I don’t want to say more now. I hope the audience will like the work.

It is known that the filming of the web series began and ended at the beginning of this year. The web series was released for viewers on the OTT platform Bangta after premiering this month (November 20) at the National Film Festival.


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