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Drake uses his new video to reveal himself as the proud owner of Pharrell’s iconic jewelry

Drake uses his new video to reveal himself as the proud owner of Pharrell’s iconic jewelry

Pharrell surprised fans last September when he announced he wanted to sell exclusive items from his closet, including several Jacob & Co. necklaces, Audemars Piguet watches and crystal-encrusted Stan Smith shoes, through his new boutique. , Jupiter. As the co-founders of Neptunes and NERD had a massive influence on the intersection of hip-hop culture and style in the early 2000s, many of these pieces have become iconic. The only thing worse than Skateboard P’s decision to stop keeping some of their old stuff around was the idea of ​​someone approaching them. And now most of that stuff seems to be none other than Drake, whose music videos his loss The track “Jumbotron Shit Poppin” featured him in several famous Pharrell tracks.

This should come as no surprise to those paying attention – a few days ago Drake was seen rocking a Chain P skateboard in Miami, leading many to speculate he was involved in a commercial. But the ‘Jumbotron’ video shows he’s invested a lot of money: as Jupiter’s website shows that one piece he wears – the infamous 2005 NERD chain – sold for 2.1 million of dollars. necklace, Drake also appeared in Pharrell’s brain chain ($150,000), nine-carat sunglasses ($62,000) and his double-edged skateboard ($103,000). Drake spends a lot of money his loss, His latest album is 21 Savage, About $500 million in advance payments from Universal. He visibly burns a hole in his pocket. (Also, it has a history of collecting Star Trek memorabilia.)

Along with flaunting his new jewelry, Drake had a “jumbotron” with stars including Lil Baby, British singer C Central and Mike Tyson. Directed by Tristan CM, the video begins with the light-hearted but serious disclaimer, “It’s 72 hours for us.” (His still-active Instagram shows the video documenting the band OVO’s last stay in Miami.) We’re shown Drake pulling out a red Ferrari, shopping for jewelry, going to a Lenny Kravitz concert, and enjoying a restored espresso martini. (Attentive listeners will note that they referred to the drink as something else his loss song “In the middle of the sea”.)

Obviously, Drake and Pharrell have never worked together. Their only collaboration came in 2022, Brent Fayez’s Neptunes production “Wasting Time”. In 2018, Drake wrote a remix verse to NERD’s comeback single “Lemon” — but it seemed more Apple Music stuff than anything. Their creative relationship may have been affected by Drake’s association with Cash Money Records, as there have been rumors of a beef between label head Birdman and Pharrell. for an unpaid invoice. (Pharrell is, of course, very close with former Drake idol Pusha T, though he said on the Drink Champs podcast that their feud “still hurts me today, because I’d love to hear a song of these guys together or a collaborative project together.”)

In a December 2022 live stream, Drake said he planned to shoot in 2023, which would mark his first string of dates since hitting the road with Migos in 2018. His first release of the new year was a collaboration with the legendary Dancehall and Ovo. “We’re done,” says the singer. We’ll see if Drake brings the coveted Pharrell parts to the streets, or locks them away in a safe place.

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