Durga Puja 2022 Purba Medinipur Panchetgarh Heritage Raj Bari Preparation has started for Maa Durga New Addition Music Video


Durga Puja 2022 Purba Medinipur Panchetgarh Heritage Raj Bari Preparation has started for Maa Durga New Addition Music Video

Ritvik Pradhan, East Midnipur: The whole world was under house arrest because of the Corona virus. For two consecutive years, the mood of the festival was also at an all-time low. Now that the situation has passed, life has resumed its normal rhythm. And this time the people of Panchetgarh Heritage Raj Bari of Purba Medinipur are going to beat the puja using this thought.

Panchetgarh Rajbari to perform Puja by conquering Corona

The flowers flutter in the wind. The smell of shiuli floats with it. The environment informed that the mother is coming. The whole state is getting ready. Overcome Corona obstacles, dress up, dress up in Panchetgarh Rajbari too.

The history of this palace is long. Panchetgarh Rajbari is famous for the Raas festival. Together with the Ras festival, Durga Puja is held every year in this house, which is around 400 years old. Durga Puja is celebrated as the Ras festival. But here the idol model is slightly different. Idols are painted here.

But in recent years, due to the Corona shock, the festival mood has collapsed. Although Durga Puja was observed according to custom, it was nominal. There was no pomp. But the situation has changed. Life is gradually picking up its pace after overcoming the corona situation. And using this idea, filming continues at Panchetgarh Rajbari now.

According to Falguni Das Mohapatra, a member of the royal family, “The Ras festival of Panchetgarh is the biggest religious festival in East Midnipur. Our festival is older than that. Ghatpujo is the specialty here. In addition, each deity receives life from the pond through chanting. Then it was installed in our theater. Pot puja is our tradition. But since last year, we have kept this tradition and modernized it a bit. I raised a four hundred to five hundred year old Durga idol on a canvas. The trend will continue this year as well.

According to him, this festival could not be celebrated for two years due to the Corona situation. But this time they don’t want to have any more flaws. And before the puja, a music video is being made to showcase the Durga Puja here with the Rajbari, the theme of which is life picking up its pace after overcoming Corona weather.

In the words of local resident Vibhutibhushan Pal, “Before, crops were used here. Now that tradition is over. There is a big festival in Puja. It fills with people.

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According to the locals, this Durgo festival was grand, but due to the Corona weather, it stopped a bit. But this time, as the potency of the epidemic has diminished a lot, they have already put their hands together for the puja.

Local resident Ashwini Barik said the pot was lifted from the royal family’s pond on the sixth day. He was then brought to the Durga temple and installed and worshiped with great pomp for four days. Before the puja, the palace premises are decorated with different lights. And he’s extremely busy now for filming. There, a music video is being made showcasing the palace premises. It will be released by Rajbari on Mahalaya day.

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