E-Scooter: Baaz Bikes brings its first electric scooter for just Rs 35,000


E-Scooter: Baaz Bikes brings its first electric scooter for just Rs 35,000

There is an Indian startup called Baaz Bikes, which has launched the very first electric scooter made in India. The most important feature of the company’s electric scooter is its interchangeable battery technology. Yes, you can change the battery of this electric scooter. Along with this scooter, Baaz Bikes has also partnered with IIT Delhi to launch an automatic battery exchange network and power modules. Let’s know detailed information about all these products and services.

Baaz Bikes’ first electric scooter is priced at just Rs 35,000 (ex-showroom) in India. However, this price does not include the cost of the battery. The company claims that the price of the scooter has been kept significantly lower, even though the battery can be purchased separately.

The company claims that this scooter can be very useful for gig deliverers. Initially, Baaz Bikes will sell the electric scooter to various dealerships, large and small, where gig deliverers can use the scooter for rental.

Customers can also rent these electric scooters from Baaz dealerships. The company says the exchange networks will operate on a Pay-As-You-Move model, further reducing day-to-day costs for gig deliverers.

The Baaz electric scooter is designed for daily use over 100 km. It is 1624mm long, 680mm wide and 1052mm high. The peculiarity is that no registration is required to run it. The maximum speed of the Baaz electric scooter is limited to 25 km/h.

The e-scooter has a hydraulic double fork suspension setup and dual shock absorbers at the rear. Simply press the button to locate the scooter in the parking lot!

On the other hand, energy pods or lightning batteries are pods equipped with lithium-ion cells enclosed in an aluminum case. Its total weight is 8.2 kg. Its power density is 1028Wh, rated IP68, which means it is waterproof and splashproof.

The machine connected to the energy network is designed for fully automatic operation. The machine can work in extreme weather conditions all over India. It has 9 battery charging boxes. Includes blind connector for easy battery replacement. On the other hand, it is IP65 all-weather rated to withstand rain and dust. Fully automatic machine, RFID card holder also available. It includes 4G LTE IoT real-time data monitoring.

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