Eamon ‘Insecured’, afraid to leave the show! In turn, the singer sarcastically washed Rupankar


Eamon ‘Insecured’, afraid to leave the show! In turn, the singer sarcastically washed Rupankar

bangladeshi the pulpit: The name of Rupankar Bagchi (Rupankar Bagchi) is probably associated with controversy. A few months ago KK made explosive comments about KK was trapped he This time, Rupankar again spoke about singer Iman Chakraborty. He called Eamon “insecure”.

Recently, in an interview with a media outlet, Rupankar opened up about the KK controversy. He said he wanted to encourage Bengali-speaking artists in his industry. But fearing controversy, most did not support him. On the contrary, all the artists he named in the video later contradicted him and said the name shouldn’t have been taken.

Another national award-winning artist, Eamon Chakraborty, was also named by Rupankar in the controversial video. The singer dispelled the controversy by going live on social networks. In this context, Rupankar said, Emon suffers from a little more insecurity than at the height of his popularity. Perhaps the series was afraid that the controversy would die out. Live video too.

Rupankar said, he once thought he would say that even if it wasn’t live, it would have continued. But Rupankar commented that Eman did this out of insecurity. After that, Emon opened his mouth. On the other hand, she said she fought the battle of her life as a single girl. Of course, regardless of the boys and girls, everyone has to fight their own battles.

No one can work in this industry if they are uninsured, Eamon said. An artist or the profession he chooses must be mentally strong. Or can’t stay here. According to Eamon, if Rupankar called him insecure, he must be suffering from insecurity somewhere.

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