Ekta Kapoor told the story of the difficulties due to which she became a mother without marriage


Ekta Kapoor told the story of the difficulties due to which she became a mother without marriage

Entertainment desk: The glamorous world of Bollywood and various relationship controversies are like flip sides of the same coin. From time to time, various relationship rumors become trending on social media. Sometimes pictures of different stars go viral.

In addition to the acting talents of the stars, their personal life is almost at the center of discussions on social networks. Jeetendra was a famous actor in this Bollywood world. This Bollywood actor has gained a lot of popularity and money in his lifetime. However, the actor is in the center of attention due to recent revelations about his personal life.

In fact, recently there is a lot of talk in the internet world that due to Bollywood actor Jeetendra’s mistake, his daughter Ekta Kapoor became a mother out of wedlock. Even if it seems surprising, it is true.

Although Ekta Kapoor is still single, she has one child. And Father Jeetendra is solely responsible for this. As soon as this news appeared, many discussions started about it in the Internet world. What exactly happened? You have to read the last part of this report to find out.

Ekta Kapoor is currently a famous Bollywood producer. This Ekta Kapoor became a mother of children without marriage. And the only reason behind it is Baba Jitendra’s gait. Jitendra admitted it to himself and regretted it.

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In fact, when Ekta Kapoor went to start his career in Bollywood, his father Jeetendra gave him a condition. According to the condition, Ekta Kapoor can never get married. After that, the producer never married on the terms. But she decided to become a mother in a scientific way. So Ekta currently has an unmarried son.

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