Elahi scandal with ‘Mahabharat’, budget 700 crores!


Elahi scandal with ‘Mahabharat’, budget 700 crores!

Great news for Bollywood lovers. A new film is going to be made on the main epic of ancient India ‘Mahabharat’. The budget is estimated at 700 crore rupees. As a result, it will be the most expensive film in Indian history.

The news was reported by Bollywood Hungama, citing a source. Reportedly, producer Feroze Nadiadwala has already started working on ‘Mahabharat’. The work of making the screenplay has been going on for 4-5 years. In addition, the team has been making other pre-production preparations for several years.

According to the source, if all goes well, principal photography for the film will begin in early 2025. Then it will hit the big screen in December of the same year. ‘Mahabharat’ will be produced mainly in Hindi language. However, it will also be released in several other languages.

Who will star in this big budget movie? Producer Feroze is known to be eyeing stars like Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn, Ranveer Singh, Paresh Rawal, Nana Patekar, Anil Kapoor in various roles. Besides the star, new faces will also be seen in female roles. Additionally, some of the top tier stars of Southern cinema will also be in the film.

It remains to be decided who will direct the epic film. However, producer Feroze Nadiadwala wants to make the film in such a way that it can be compared to Hollywood Marvel and DC Comics films.

In 1965, the movie ‘Mahabharat’ was made in Bollywood. It captured the hearts of the public and became a box office success. According to the source, ‘It will be made on the model of this film. Most of his action scenes will be realistic. Here, more importance will be given to the characters, the scenario and the emotions than to the VFX.

The surprise does not stop there, the background music of the film will be in New York. Two-time Oscar-winning music producer Hans Zimmer will officiate. The VFX work will also be done by a leading company in the United States.

No film has been produced on such a scale in India before. So, the people involved believe that something amazing is going to happen for the public. Although many expensive films have failed in the recent past. To see just how hot ‘Mahabharat’ can burn, audiences will have to wait at least another three years.

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