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‘Eli Teli Gangaram’ is replaced by ‘Laudga Snake’! Kunal threw the insult back at Mithun

‘Eli Teli Gangaram’ is replaced by ‘Laudga Snake’! Kunal threw the insult back at Mithun

Bangladeshi office: After a month, ‘Butterfly’ (Projapoti) was released. Ten objectives were given to all the debates from a commercial point of view. The public is satisfied with the film and the directors and producers are satisfied with the turnover. But nothing stops the Mithun Chakraborty-Kunal Ghosh duel. The BJP superstar mocked the Trinamool spokesperson by calling him ‘Eli Teli Gangaram’. This time Kunal attacked Mithun with Benazir in response.

The political debate over the butterfly has continued since its inception. As the film did not get a place in Nandan, the BJP complained that Prajapati was not shown in government theaters because Mithun Chakraborty was there. On behalf of Palta Trinamool, Kunal Ghosh joked that National Award winner Mithun is a “flop actor”. Dev takes her to the cinema and takes her to the movies. The MP actor opposed Kunal by standing next to the senior ‘Mithunda’ in the alternative game world.

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But Prajapati’s box office collection ended all controversy. Additionally, the Best Actor award also went to Mithun. After that, he laughed at Kunal and said “Eli Teli Gangaram”. Even at Prajapati’s success party a few days ago, Mithun said he didn’t want to talk about Elli Teli Gangaram on the happy day.

Kunal took to social media to respond to Mithun. He shared a scene from the movie ‘’. Mithun was also seen there. In the caption, Kunal wrote, “Actor Laudga from Gangaram produced the movie ‘’. Note that Paran Banerjee played an important role in this film. Its satellite rights have been purchased by Zee Group.’

Kunal didn’t stop there. He also said that previously, a TV movie made by ‘Gangaram’ was recognized as an eye-catcher on the TV pages of a news media. A serial performance of ‘Gangaram’ was also covered in the famous magazine. However, writes Kunal, ‘Gangaram’ did not spend time on these aspects because he loved journalism. However, he has covered and analyzed many movies and dramas.

Finally, his sarcastically adding, ‘Those who make movies, they maybe understand movies better. But it’s not fair to think that Gangaram doesn’t understand anything about cinema. In fact, was produced by Kunal. And Mithun played a cameo role in this movie. The Trinamool spokesperson recalled that Mahatarka had been called a “loudga”. According to many people, Kunal attacked Dev with Mithun raising the issue of not understanding the movie.

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