Elon Musk | Difference of Twitter Office before and after Elon Musk dgtl


Elon Musk | Difference of Twitter Office before and after Elon Musk dgtl

Twitter recently changed ownership. Apparently, after Elon Musk took office, the employees of the company faced various problems. This time there were allegations of gender discrimination in Elon’s organization. Canadian blogger Lauren Chen joined in this accusation and posted a message on Twitter. There, he posted two photos from the Twitter office before and after Elon took office. “Twitter, before and after Elon Musk,” the caption wrote.


Lauren posted two photos on social media in an attempt to explain that the number of female employees on Twitter has dwindled since Elon took over. He posted the photo on Sunday. As shown in the second photo posted by Lauren, the number of female workers on Twitter is very low.

Incidentally, after Elon took over Twitter, many employees were fired from the company. After Elon’s ‘extreme warning’, some employees were forced to decide to quit early. Of the two photos posted by Lauren, the second was posted by Elon himself on Twitter. On Saturday, he captioned the photo, “Just Living Twitter HQ Code Review.” Elon’s posts are already going viral. Seeing this photo, many people have asked themselves questions on social networks, has the number of working women on Twitter decreased? Even discrimination of nationality, color and equality was questioned.


Many have seen the photo posted by Elon and compared it to former US President Donald Trump. There are rumors Elon is considering laying off other employees.

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