End of season 4 of “Bachelor Point”

End of season 4 of “Bachelor Point”

There’s no end to the craze for the popular “Bachelor Point” series among theatergoers. The various characters of this drama, which gained great popularity in a short time, won the hearts of the new generation in particular. Three seasons of this drama have already ended. Season 4 is underway. It is known that “Bachelor Point” ends in the middle of season 4.

It has been confirmed by reliable sources that “Bachelor Point” Season 4 will end on December 24 with Episode 117.

To find out more, Kajal Arefin Ami, the director of ‘Bachelor Point’, tried to contact Ami several times by phone, but there was no response.


In late 2019, the first season of the series started airing on the private Bangla Vision TV channel. It was also streamed on Dhruv TV’s YouTube channel. The second, third and fourth seasons of the series are made taking into account the demand of the public.

Note that the previous seasons of the drama ‘Bachelor Point’ were produced under the banner of Motion Rock Entertainment. The third season aired on Dhruva TV. It is known that the new season will be promoted through this channel.

Mishu Sabbir, Marjuk Russell, Tausif Mahbub, Chazhi Alam, Shamim Hasan Sarkar, Ziaul Haque Palash, Musafir Shoaib, Sanjana Sarkar Ria, Shimul etc. played various roles in the play.


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