Engaged in a love marriage, Srabanti, the former first husband of Rajeev, keeps track?


Engaged in a love marriage, Srabanti, the former first husband of Rajeev, keeps track?

bangladeshi the pulpit: As much as the Tollypara Srabanti Chatterjee diva is discussed, her boyfriends and later ex-husbands are the focus. Srabanti is about to get married three times. These marriages again broke up. Her third husband Roshan Singh and the rumored fourth lover Abhirup are often discussed. But Srabanti’s former first husband?

Famous Tollywood director Rajib Kumar was the actress’ first husband. Srabanti married very young. Of course, she didn’t become Tollywood’s top notch actress. He is trying to make a place for himself in the industry.

Sravanti became a mother shortly after her marriage. After 13 years of married life, Srabanti Rajeev finally broke up. After two years apart, Rajeev hasn’t seen himself much in the management world. Finally, silver screen director Rajeev met on the small screen.

He leads the new series “Alor Adresha” by Colors Bangla. He told the media that he started with the small screen. Sometimes worked on the big screen. But since Corona it has become a bit of a problem. Rajeev said his film was aimed at single-screen audiences. But now they are all coming to an end. And Rajeev admits he doesn’t have the ability to make the kind of movies producers like Dev are working on right now.

But according to him, if the industry is to be saved, masala entertainment films are still needed. Or Fight Master, bottom dancers lose. Additionally, viewers who watch the movie purely for entertainment should also be considered.

In the interview, Rajeev also commented on his ex-wife Srabanti. He said he worked with Srabanti even after a verbal separation and wanted to do so in the future. Rajeev even has a good relationship with his son Abhimanyu. He went to his father on Saturday and Sunday. The work is discussed. But Jhinook (Abhimanyu’s nickname) doesn’t have the courage to talk to his father about love. So the mother is hope.

Srabanti married Krishan Braj and then Roshan Singh after his first marriage broke up. Neither lasted. Now his name is heard with businessmen. And Rajeev? You have no family after the first marriage? Sravanti’s ex deftly avoided the topic.

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