English translation is Hindu Classical Music

English translation is Hindu Classical Music

Hindu classical music like Kirtan, Shyama and Bhajan is translated into different languages ​​including English. The Nazrul Institute will undertake a project in this regard.

The issue was raised during the meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on the Ministry of Culture which was held on Sunday 27 November at the Sangsad Bhavan. The committee had made a recommendation in this regard at its previous meeting.

Minister of State for Culture KM Khalid, Kazi Keramat Ali, Asim Kumar Ukil, Subarna Mustafa and Sherifa Kader attended the meeting under the chairmanship of Committee Chairman Simin Hussain (Rimi).

According to the minutes of the meeting, the previous meeting of the committee discussed the issue of translation of Hindu classical music Kirtan, Shyama and Bhajan etc. in English and other languages. Although the case was first proposed by the Bangla Academy, the initial decision was made to do so by the Nazrul Institute. Later, the committee made a recommendation in this regard.

The progress report on this recommendation was presented at the meeting. It is mentioned that the project formulation work has started, it is said that the project formulation work is ongoing after taking the general advice of the Chief Executive of Bangla Academy, Kavi Muhammad Nurul Huda.

Meanwhile, the press release from the secretariat of the parliament informed that during the meeting, it was recommended to rent an office in each upazila and carry out cultural activities subject to receipt of funds. In addition, Ulania Zamindar House of Barisal is recommended to take necessary measures for maintenance.


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