Enjoyed Mim


Enjoyed Mim

Raihan Rafi’s “Paran” featuring Vidya Sinha Mim was released last Eid. The film is still playing in theaters. Luckily for movie buffs, the movie is giving house shows even after so long. At such a moment, Mim appears again on the big screen. His surprise this time is ‘Damaal’. The film will be released on October 28. Then “hit” director Raihan Rafi produced the film. While one movie is in theaters, the release of another movie is like a new moon. When discussing this subject, Mim said with a smile, “I feel very good. Interestingly, ‘Paran’ is still playing in theaters. Housefull leaves. Meanwhile, ‘Damaal’ will be released. The two films will run side by side. It’s a big thing for an artist. I hope the public will accept ‘Damal’ as ‘Paran’.’

In ‘Damal’ co-starred Mim, Siam Ahmed, Shariful Raj, Samia Athai, Shahnaz Sumi, Pooja Cruz, Rashed Mamun Apu and others. Mim plays an important role in this movie. Asked about his acting experience, he said, “I was scared every moment. It looked like Pakistani forces were attacking. There were sequences that I had not done before. Overall, the character was difficult.

Vidya Sinha Mim

Earlier, Mim told this reporter that audiences abused her character after watching “Paran.” Reminiscing about this, he said, “The public will see the Vidya Sinha meme as ‘Hasna’. As seen in ‘Parana’ as ‘Ananya’. This time he will be seen in the role of “Hasna”. The character is completely the opposite of the previous character. Those who see will not abuse. Applause now. Mim is very enthusiastic about ‘Damaal’. Especially since the film is from the period of the war of liberation, its joy is doubled. In this context, Mim said: “I did not see the war. There is no question of watching football during the war. However, I am lucky to be in one of the stories from that era. This is a great find for me. When I shot, I felt like I was in 1971. There was an atmosphere of that time throughout the set. Apart from the game, what else is there?

Finally, we can say that Mim is like a downpour in the time of the recession in the cinema. Meem appears in the middle of a “hit” movie with another movie. It’s like a “meme festival” happening in the movie theater.

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