Erteza Hasan, the editor of Bhorer Pata, was arrested


Erteza Hasan, the editor of Bhorer Pata, was arrested

Editor and page editor Dainik Bhorer. Kazi Erteza Hassan was arrested by the Police Investigation Bureau (PBI).

A PBI team arrested him at the Gulshan-2 office on the night of Tuesday, November 1.

PBI Headquarters Additional Superintendent of Police (Legal and Media) Abu Yusuf confirmed the arrest to Jago News last night.

He said there is a case related to land fraud and fraud against Kazi Erteza Hasan. The brother of the chairman of the Asian group Nazrul Islam, Saiful Islam, lodged a complaint at the Khilkhet police station in the capital, as a complainant. The three defendants named in the case are Abu Yusuf Abdullah, Riazul Alam and Salim Munshi.

Additional Superintendent of Police Abu Yusuf said that after the case, the first defendant Abu Yusuf and the second defendant Riazul were arrested. During their interrogation, the name of Kazi Erteza Hasan came up. Based on information obtained during the investigation of the case, Dr. Erteza was arrested at the Gulshan-2 office on Tuesday evening by a PBIE team.

According to the statement of the case, Professor Abu Yusuf, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Northern University, went to Asean Group to buy land through an intermediary named Kazi Shamim Mehdi in 2013. On August 3 of that year, Northern University entered into an agreement with the Asian Group to purchase five bighas of land for Rs 50 crore.

Then they paid Rs 30 crore in cash and check. The rest of the money was supposed to be paid that year, but they didn’t. Without paying the full amount, they started construction on the land. In 2019, when the ASEAN group demanded the money owed, the University of the North said Nazrul Issam Bhuiyan had registered its land in 2013.

Alleged by the ASEAN group, the University of the North registered the land at the time in a completely illegal process by falsifying signatures.


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