‘etc’ is now in jhalakathi


‘etc’ is now in jhalakathi

Knowing and informing the country, etc. means constantly going to remote parts of the country. Sometimes in search of natural beauty, sometimes in search of history-tradition, sometimes in search of roots.- In the continuity of these important places, etc., this episode was shot in Jhalkathi. The stage was built at the mouth of these 5 rivers – Dhansidi, Sugandha, Bishkhali, Basanda, Gabkhan in Jhalkathi. Jhalkathi was in a festive mood as ‘Etadi’ was held on September 18. The whole field was filled with spectators. On the occasion of etc. holding on this day, colorful light and jhalakathi traditional products and historical structure portraits were arranged on the spectacular stage, etc. holding ceremony. took place from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Gantha is the name of a single consciousness in a sutra of birth and death. During this event, Ravi Chowdhury and Shafi Mondal, popular singers of the time, sang a duet on this theme. The song is written by Kabir Bakul, composed by Hanif Sanket and composed by Mehdi. There is an introductory song about the Jhalakathi river and Gaurabgantha with a dance by a hundred local dancers. The song is written by lyricist Moniruzzaman Palash, composed by Hanif Sanket, composed by Mehdi, choreographed by Debashish Sen Gupta.

This episode also contains touching reports. There are several informative reports about the history, traditions, culture, scenic spots, rivers, canals, various traditional products and famous people of Jhalakathi. An informative report on the unique Ilizarov method of treatment for traumatized or disabled patients. There is an illustrative account of a musafirkhana built by a great man of Nilphamari for travelers to unknown or distant places. There is an exemplary report of Mr. Syed Ahmed, a former rickshaw puller from Subarnachar in Noakhali district.

This episode also contains an informative report on the US state of Minnesota. Also, this episode contains several dramas about various contemporary events including courtroom episodes. Competition to sicken the healthy flow of culture, current status due to virtual influence, expectation of peace of mind, marital conflict over saree, artists touching vs artists begging for applause, grieving birthdays, digital leaders hungry for propaganda, anger in the name of the neglected masses are several dramas.

As always, Ettar’s art direction and stage planning this time too is Ettar’s regular art director, Mukimul Anwar Mukim. As usual, Rana Sarkar and Mohammad Mamun are the director’s assistants. Etc. This episode will air simultaneously on BTV and BTV World on September 30 after Bangla News at 8 p.m. Etc. Written, directed and presented by Hanif Sanket.


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