Eternal monsoon ‘Kill Him’, many surprises in Mahar


Eternal monsoon ‘Kill Him’, many surprises in Mahar

Dhakai’s popular film duo Anant Jalil and Barsha learned the news of the new movie amid various talks about “Din the Day”.

For the first time, they are making a film outside of their own production. The film will be produced by MD Iqbal under the banner of ‘Sunan Movies’.

The directors say the action movie “Kill Him” ​​has one surprise after another. Some samples were also seen during the great Mahar organized at the FDC on Saturday evening.

It’s a big surprise for the Anant-Varsha duo to make a film outside of their own production. Since 2008 they have been making films in their own production.

Actor Anant Jalil will get Rs 40 lakh as compensation for Kill Him. Producer and director Iqbal presented him with a check for Rs 20 lakh as his signature during the Mahrat ceremony.

And heroine Varsha will get 10 lakhs. A check for six lakh rupees was handed to him on stage.

Anant Jalil said, “When I got the offer for this film, I told Iqbal bhai that since we were working in an outside production for the first time, the Mahratt must be a bit hectic. As if everyone everyone was saying that Anant-Varsha is coming to make an outside film and Iqbal bhai will produce it, so we have to take some money from the producer.”

“Then he said, ‘The FDC has 18 organizations. If you invite them, there will be five to six hundred people. Apart from that, I will take four hundred bicycles to receive you. Then I said, don’t do this anymore. Anyway, I’m happy with the arrangement.

Varsha said, “This is my first time performing outside of my own production. You will stay there.

Besides Anant-Borsha, two popular stars of the country Rubel and Misha Saudagar will star in the movie ‘Kill Him’.

While Misha Saudagar is a regular face in Anant’s films, Rubel is erratic in his acting. Some people also see the appearance of the country’s once popular hero, Rubel, in a film starring Anant as a surprise.

Anant acted in Jalil movies but his relationship with Misha Saudagar was not going well due to some recent controversies. Iqbal surprisingly added both in this movie.

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