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“Everything needs a beautiful solution”

“Everything needs a beautiful solution”

On one side, about the release of the movie ‘Pathan’, one side says that the theaters will survive. On the other hand, the directors also express concern about the future of contemporary films if the film is released. Many say that everything can come systematically. But suddenly, a cycle of interest in two isolated films makes the film market uneven. In the case of importing these films, we must also think of the national film market.

Meanwhile, producer Khizir Hayat Khan’s film is set to be released on March 3. However, if ‘Pathan’ comes out in mid-February, the director wants to push back the release date of his long-awaited film ‘Ora 7 Jaan’.

Khizir Hayat Khan said, “Listen, it’s very important to create a level playing field for any fight. Our ‘Ora 7 Jaan’ is a film at 1% of the budget of ‘Pathan’. My last years of work, my lawsuits, my bank loans are all involved in this. I didn’t do it thinking I would do a lot of business. But I will fight the investment so that at least it happens. So that I can work on another film. As a filmmaker, this expectation is very natural with films from your own country. But a controversial producer that I don’t even want to call my colleague. Because the hen doesn’t do bad things for movies, he didn’t. The producer expelled from the directors’ association, implicated in the human trafficking case, now talks about the development of the film. What could be more sad and painful than that. As a fan, I also want to see the movie ‘Paathan’. But as a filmmaker, I think we should bring the films in line with the policy we have to save domestic films. I want to challenge, the public will be fascinated by the story of my film.

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Note that ‘Ora 7 Jaan’ by Khizir Hayat Khan is a liberation war film. It is said that after a long time, a liberation war film was shot in Bangladesh with such a budget. According to the producer, the film’s budget is more than Rs 3 crore.

Actress Zakia Bari Mom played the central role in the film. Of the film, the Mom actress said, “It’s a real movie. That’s why I say this. All images have a soul. This image is patriotic. We worked very hard on this film. At that time, these ongoing discussions were very uncomfortable for me. I hope everyone will find a good match.

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