Exclusive interview with Mita Chatterjee: “Who walks around in such big clothes?” Exclusive interview with actress Mita Chatterjee from Janmabhumi


Exclusive interview with Mita Chatterjee: “Who walks around in such big clothes?” Exclusive interview with actress Mita Chatterjee from Janmabhumi

Tuhina Mandal, this time digitally exclusive
An eight-decade acting career. Contains popular characters. From soap operas to movies, all of Bengal is a fan of his performance in Atpaure. He has worked with several “Gen Y” stars from Jeet, Koel. But, even today, the character Pisima from the series “Janambhoomi” is ingrained in the minds of the public. Mita Chattopadhyay, one of the most popular actresses in the Tollywood industry, turned 90 on August 20. This time, he’s candid about pursuing a career in the digital industry. Long march in the industry – how much gain? In this context, Mita Chattopadhyay said: “The list of achievements is long despite my reluctance. Everyone loved me. Everyone recognized my work with love. If I think about it, there is nothing again to achieve.”

Even after Janmabhoomi, he acted in several mega movies. Today, there are many changes in the content of serials. Several wives in the series, a woman with many relationships, there was no less controversy over this “content”. If so, how relevant is the content of the new series? What exactly is the impact on society? In response to the new actress, “Social analysts can say it well. Because they know the direction in which society is moving. If I talk about it, the other side will say, can’t you accept change! You can’t cling to something old. But an As an ordinary man, even if the serial scene is fake, it has a great impact on the minds of ordinary people, especially children. We don’t Didn’t have that kind of request when we were kids I could say out loud the dress was gorgeous.

Mita Chatterjee (file photo)

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Her perception on soap operas today, “Nowadays the way the actors are dressed, the way the sets are made, are all of our homes like that? Those flashy jewels, those expensive sets are increasing also the aspirations of children. Walking around wearing heavy jeweled clothes as shown in soap operas. Can many of us think it’s real! Does anyone walk around dressed like this at home? “Of course, it’s not real. It’s just for entertainment. But, from my own point of view, if any harm is caused by me, then the responsibility is there. Mine. I don’t understand if the TRP increases or decreases if these little minds are tortured!”

Mita Chatterjee

Mita Chatterjee

Even today, the memory of the series ‘Janambhoomi’ is bright in the memory of the public. How is the experience of working in this film? Dive deep into memory, Mita Chatterjee replied, “At that time, I was doing other movies and series. Suddenly, I learned that there was a five to six day job. It was said that there there was a mess between husband and wife in the soap opera Pisima will come and fix the problem and leave I was very angry at first Marriage Why should a third party overlook a quarrel!

mita chatterjee

Mita Chatterjee

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It is Janmabhoomi’s character that has made him a permanent place in the hearts of Bengalis. Mita Chatterjee is very excited about this. With a characteristic smile, he commented, “Suddenly a scene came to me. The subjects will attack the palace. At that time, Pisima will introduce himself and try to convince them. It has become a key. Director Inder Sen clapped after shooting this scene. This single scene dragged out my six days of work for seven and a half years. I will be forever grateful to the audience and the director.

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