Exhibition of paintings by Iftekhar Uddin Ahmed at the Alliance Française


Exhibition of paintings by Iftekhar Uddin Ahmed at the Alliance Française

Artist Iftikhar Uddin Ahmed’s painting exhibition titled “Searching for Space” begins today at La Galerie, Alliance Française du Dhaka. The inauguration of the exhibition will take place at 5:30 p.m. The eminent artist Rafiqun Nabi will open the exhibition as the main guest. Iftikhar Uddin Ahmed’s works are like a conversation between past and present in isolated straight lines, pen strokes and clever use of weaving. He evokes elements of time in seemingly abstract compositions of swirling circles, crumbling columns, clocks and keys. Iftekhar Uddin Ahmed said, my favorite subject is space, the other is time. Recurring motifs in my paintings are stairs, wheels, circles, ancient Egyptian symbols and pyramid designs, which highlight symbolic representations of space, history and time. I closely observe all kinds of changes in my surroundings and surroundings. Try to emphasize personal pain, suffering and frustration. Sometimes my lines look jagged or curvy. Scattered everywhere in various familiar and unfamiliar forms. Often circular or triangular shapes, broken pillars, columns or unknown objects suddenly appear in the middle of various compositions. Creates a sort of panorama effect in my designs. Hopes, desires, dreams and nightmares are emotional feelings and experiences. With all these tricks, I paint my canvases in various symbolic ways. Iftikhar Uddin Ahmed is an independent artist living in Canada. He was born in Dacca in 1960. After obtaining a master’s degree in drawing and painting at the Institut des Beaux-Arts in 1986, he entered the Académie de la Chamiech in Paris (1993-94) for higher studies in modern art thanks to a grant from the French government. 1st prize for painting in the world artists competition held in 1994, honorable mention at the 9th Asian Art Biennale (1999), the Charushilpi Sangsad Biennale of Bangladesh (2000) and the National Art Exhibition (2001 ) as well as many other prizes. The exhibition will continue until September 30. The exhibition will be open from Saturday to Monday from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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