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False accusations in the name of the ex-husband in ‘Didi number one’! Controversial written responses

False accusations in the name of the ex-husband in ‘Didi number one’! Controversial written responses

Bangladeshi office: Didi Number One is the platform to showcase the talent of all housewives or professionals. Season after season, this show by Zee Bangla has entertained audiences. Along with this, the story of the struggle of many oppressed and deprived women is presented. Arriving on the Didi Number One stage, many women express what they don’t get in their personal lives. Many also shared horror stories of torture.

All of these stories are lies. Competitors are lied to for TRPs. Recently, a person named Arup Kumar Bhuiyan made such a sensational statement. A video posted by this person, a resident of Behala, became a subject of discussion on the net. There, the person made explosive allegations against Didi Number One.

He said that a few days ago his ex-wife went on stage at Didi Number One. There, she made several explosive allegations on behalf of the ex-husband. Arup Kumar Bhuiya claims Didi Number One is heard from one side. In the video, he says, many boys are being tortured today for the sake of some girls. Who will listen to these boys?

The person demanded that the husband and wife be called and stand face to face and both be given the opportunity to speak. Furthermore, the person also demanded to stop a show like Didi Number One immediately. Rachna Banerjee spoke about the controversy over the video.

In an interview with a media outlet, he said, a show has been on the air for 11 years. Four girls in each episode. Can’t everyone’s tears be a lie? Can’t everyone act and pretend? In the words of Rachna, maybe one or two out of a thousand girls are telling the truth here and there. But because everyone is a liar, that’s not possible.

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