Farewell to comedy after marriage, Devaparna returns to the series after a three-year break

Farewell to comedy after marriage, Devaparna returns to the series after a three-year break

Bangladeshi office: There is no break in the different channels because new series arrive every day. And with these soap operas, many lost faces return, which have not been seen on screen for a long time. One such actress is Debparna Pal Chowdhury. He hasn’t been seen on soap operas for several years. But this time, Devparna’s hiatus is about to end. It returns in a new way with a new series.

Devaparna is a well-known face in Bengali television. He has been seen in many series as secondary characters. She showed her acting skills even in the role of a villain. But after the wedding, Devaparna suddenly disappeared. He was, however, active on social media. Devparna never strayed from the acting world even though she herself did not appear in front of the camera.

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Devparna will return to the series after three years from 2020 to 2023. Why the long break? The actress told media that she quit acting after getting married. But the reason is not the pressure of the world. Devaparna said he did not return to work due to Corona.

Shortly after the wedding, the lockdown started due to the corona virus. In addition, Devaparna had also lost one of his relatives in Corona. So he couldn’t go back to the theatre. But Devparna’s mother-in-law insisted that she stand in front of the camera again. The actress said her mother-in-law sent her back to work explaining that the place where she had worked hard for so many years should not be lost.

Devparna will be seen in Star Jalsa’s upcoming “Meibela” series. Her character name is ‘Chandni’. Veteran actress Roopa Gangopadhyay plays the lead role in the series. ‘Meibela’ will be visible from January 23 at 7:30 p.m.

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